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Bhoomi-2024 karnataka government provide online RTC, rdservices, Pahani,Mojini,V3 [login,application status]

Karnataka government along with central government  launch its land records management portal called Bhoomi in the year 2000. This platform  powered by National Informatics Centre, Karnataka. Its aimed to  digitize the land record system and provide ease of access in all types of land related services to the people of Karnataka.

Many new comprehensive services have now launched on the platform like online RTC, Mutation status, Pahani and more under the ‘Bhu Suraksha initiative’ which is about to start next month. People can now register themselves online at Bhoomi Portal and check  status of land, Bhoomi Pahani, khata extract, Bhoomi RTC, Bhoomi RTC Mutation history and even maintain an I-RTC wallet. From many years the government was struggling with problem of corruption and frauds in land related matters. Documentation process is usually very lengthy and confusing for the normal citizen as well. Many use these drawbacks as a loop hole to exploit to attempt frauds. This portal is a great way to help both government and citizens.


What is  Bhoomi Karnataka govt- RTC, V3,Pahani, I-RTC ?

The Revenue of Karnataka maintains and runs the Bhoomi portal which is digitize lands records management site. The site launched to provide easy land registration services for the people of Karnataka. People can go to the official site and file RTC, View khata and submit land transfer related documents online. The services are provided on the payment of a nominal fee between rs10 to 15rs. Scheme  is to facilitate the rural farmers and land owners who usually struggle with completing the legalities related to their land. There are many other services that citizens can now avail like I-RTc, Pahani, Mohini V3 which are mentioned below:

Bhoomi portal RTC,Pahani,2024 Land record management portal
Announced by Karnataka government
Contact official Bhoomi Monitoring Cell

SSLR Building, K.R. Circle

Bangalore – 560001

email [email protected]
Official website

Bhoomi I-RTC, Pahani-

RTC means records of Rights, Tenancy and Crops. The farmers can utilise this service to check the records related to the status of the farming land. The document of these records is collectively known as ‘Pahani’. It provides details about the landowner, Soil type, classification of land, Crops cultivated on the property, Size of the land, Water rate, possession charateristics, Tenancy status etc. These are essential for the farmers. They can obtain a copy of the RTC by providing the landowners name and plot number and submit a fee of rs 10 on the portal. These are essential for the farmers. Users can even maintain an I-RTC wallet for getting many reliefs provided by Revenue Department.

Mojini V3

It’s a  one stop shop website for land application related queries of the farmers. It provides a general and comprehensive reports for the information of people. Various services provided under this portal are Application Status, Allotment status, view Alienation & Phodi sketch, Revenue maps of village, Dispute cases, Mojini MIS reports etc. once you visit on the official site of Bhoomi you can click on the Mohini option to get redirected to this site.


its a Draught declaration data management site that takes advance action in vulnerable areas and provide financial and insurance related assistance to farmers of the particular area. It was developed inhouse by Revenue Department (Bhoomi Monitoring Cell and Disaster Management), Govt. of Karnataka to enable direct benefit transfer (DBT) through Aadhaar Enabled Payment Service. This service can also b availed through official site of Bhoomi portal https ‘’ and then clicking on ‘Parihara’ option displayed in image.

Land conversion and mutation service

Bhoomi Mutation or Land conversion service provides easy transfer of ownership of land. It can include through selling the property, dividing the property among family members, converting agricultural land to non agricultural or vice versa. Upon submitting of online application the parties can check status of land by entering their given details. There is a nominal fee to pay and an affidavit based conversion will take place.


Aim of Bhoomi RTC, Mojini, Pahani 2024 by karnataka government

  1. To provide ease of land related documentation for citizen.
  2. To prevent land related frauds and defaults.
  3. Easy loan borrowing procedure.
  4. Overall transparency in land records

Bhoomi portal services charges:

Document Fees
Tippan Rs 15
Mutation status Rs 15
Mutation extract Rs 15
Record of right Rs 15
Tenancy and crops (RTC) Rs 10


Process of Registering at Bhoomi portal

  1. Visit the official website of Bhoomi /Service 84
  2. Find and click on ‘Create Account’ Option
  3. Enter the required details like Adhaar Card Number, Address, Mobile number. An OTP will be send on your number.
  4. Enter the OTP and Captcha code
  5. Click on ‘sign Up/Submit’
  6. You wil get your log in details which you can now use to avail various services on the website.

Land Registration process online on Bhoomi Karnataka 2024

  1. Arrange all the necessary documents like ID proof, property papers, Tenant contract proof etc if applicable.
  2. Submit the documents to the Sub-Registrar office
  3. Upon verification pay the fee. You will now get a receipt
  4. Visual verification through live photo and presence of both parties will undertake.
  5. After completion of registration, the patwari will receive the updated documents.
  6. They will enter the information into Jamabandi register and Bhoomi Pahani will get updated automatically.

Process of Bhoomi I-RTC, i-Wallet, View MR, Khata extract, Mutation Status,(form 16)(service 2,service 34) 2024

1.log in to official portal ‘’

  1. from the images shown find ‘view RTC and MR’ and click on the option.
  2. enter your log in details
  3. Fill details like taluka, district etc.
  4. pay fee through your desired mode or through your i wallet on Bhoomi portal
  5. click on ‘fetch details’ and all the details shall appear.

Process for Bhoomi portal Mutation of land (service 2) conversion through affidavit:

  1. Visit official Bhoomi portal
  2. Click on ‘Citizen Services’. You will redirected to new site
  3. Select ‘Apply for conversion’
  4. Choose type of land conversion
  5. For land outside Master Plan Area choose-‘affidavit based conversion’. Submit a notarized affidavit.
  6. For land within Master Plan Area choose-‘Master plan based deemed land conversion’

Karnataka government has done a joint venture with the central government on their scheme of Bhoomi online portal which will bring transparency and efficiency in the land management system of the country. This is because they want to benefit farmers and rural land owners. But due to many participants in chain and red tapism it was leading to a cause of corruption. So, various services like Bhoomi RTC, Khata extract, Mojini, Parihara and Mutation of land is available by karnataka government on their official website. All these are termed into  service 84,service 19, service 64, service 2, service40, service 38

click here to check official website of Bhoomi landrecords karnataka government, mojini V3 pahani Login [application status]

click here to go directly to Mojini V3 application and status check website

cick here to go to Bhoomi portal online-parihara [application and status check]

check all the information on Bhoomi online karnataka government portal for RTC, Parihara, Mojini,Mutation of land [application and status check]

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